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NEW 8 162 BPM 3 -23 -21Velour
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I was given a great opportunity to submit some of my production to Revolt TV for a possible placement. After sending in over 30 plus instrumentals three were selected. Having so many options for them to choose from, landed me the music producer position with the show Respectfully Justin that they host on the Revolt platform. This is a show that is released via Youtube, then plays nationally on Revolt TV cable channel a week after. 


This particular song I selected was the first one to get the placement onto the show. You will see in the video I provided the show opens with this song it first appears at [ 30 seconds].

Track Breakdown

The instrumental was created in Reason 12, and the final mix was in ProTools 12. This song started with a synth pad loop I found in a pack I purchased from another producer years ago. I reversed the synth pad to give it this dark effect sound for the intro. Following my vocal tag [Damn V, Not Again], You hear the heavy 808 kicks, along with the rest of the surrounding percussion. I decided to start the song with a solid eight-bar chorus. Going into the verse, I found the sequencing to be my favorite part of putting this song together. The other layer I added to this is a slow violin which first appears at 11 seconds. Adding the violin allowed me to keep the dark theme though the bpm is more uptempo of a traditional hip-hop track. I played around with two different snares in verse, mainly to give it more of a variety. These patterns continue throughout the rest of the song. The overall structure of this song is a typical Intro, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus. No bridge or B-Section, which is standard in hip-hop production.

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