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Track Description


This piece was inspired by all the drama and suspense video games I play. From the beginning of the record, you can hear the dark strings along with trumpets. I find this to be a difficult production with keeping it with a hip hop sound. I’m a huge WWE fan, so I can easily hear this being someone’s entrance theme song as well in a video game. 


My design of the rhythm section was a bit intense. I found that using a lowered bassline allows more headroom to make the kick a lot more punchy. Rimshots and claps are also glaring throughout as well. I took the chance of playing all the hi-hats by hand, giving this a more steady flow to listen to. The bass I selected has a little riff towards the end of it that I needed to cut the tail off. I didn’t need the extra riff to clash with the kicks. A standard 808 kick is what I decided to use, keeping it traditional to the natural hip-hop sound. 


I chose to play in a C Minor for this piece. Being as this a normal selection in Hip-Hop.

In the A section of the record, you will hear Arch Shape Harmony Chords - Cm| Fm| Cm| Fm| Cm| Fm| Cm| Fm7 Follow with variated motifs. B section of the record you hear an Inverted Arch, Gm| A dim| Bb| Cm| Dm| Cm| Gm| Cm| Gm| Cm| Gm| Cm| Gm| Cm| Gm| Cm 7


The synths had to be my favorite part of this piece. I wanted to have an 80s analog synth sound along with a synth pad sound blended. You will also hear my voice sampled saying “Yeah” throughout the B section of the record. You can hear another sample in the B section I added. It’s a voice sample loop I found and put on the quick sampler in Logic. The sample is saying “ Can you feel it”. I think it was a perfect fit for the progression of the song. By adding a channel EQ I was able to cut the low & high end to give it a radio effect. 


For the mix of this song, I decided to add reverbs and delay throws on many different sections. Starting with a polysynth delay throw on it. As well with the Moving Fuzz synth by adding the delays I wanted to decompressor the tails by adding reverb on both. Pretty much every sound on this track has Channel EQ only to make sure to give headroom to other sounds to shine.